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Spiritual Spa Menu: 
Our Spiritual Spa focuses on facials that are not only good for your skin, but also for your spirit.  Our spiritual menu is for those who need to energetically cleanse, rejuvenate, and heal the spirit.  

The Crystal Cleanse Facial:
Gems and crystals are placed at energy points around and on the body to start this facial of love, healing and manifesting. This facial is for those who need to manifest a particular desire and have felt blocked from doing so.
 As the skin is gently cleansed, blended essential oils are waved over the body generating the full aroma therapy experience. While hydrating with a chosen luxurious mask,  crystals and gems are used along with an energy scan to feel any blockages that may be preventing you from having what you truly desire in life.  You will feel refreshed and alive with energy after this invigorating facial!
60 min...$120.00

The Angel Facial:
This facial sets the standards for luxury.  After a gentle exfoliation and extractions, serums are infused with ultrasound for deep hydration.  Special mask will be applied to the face, neck, decollete, arms and hands as you drift off into the angelic realm.  crystals will be placed on and around your body to increase angelic healing energy while you enjoy a relaxing and detoxifying massage.  Younger by Tonight's secret formula products will be selected for your skin type to ensure a lustrous glow.  This facial will bring out your inner beauty and heavenly joy.
*Sometimes the angels will relay messages during this facial.
60 min...$125.00
The Spiritual Cleansing Facial:
This facial is purifying for the mind, body, and spirit. 
Healing stones are placed around the body, while essential oils and Pranic healing energy are used over your body to move blocked energies.  This is followed by a purifying facial cleansing with steam and enzyme and hydrating mask.  During this time you auric field will be checked for imbalances and healing stones will be placed on your body to remove energy blockages.  
This facial continues with a hydrating massage for the arms, decollete, neck, and face  then finishes  with pranic energy for recharging and balancing your auric field.   
75 min...$165.00

Spiritual Wellness Add-on's:
These spiritual treatments will help revitalize your spirit alongside your rejuvenating facial.  You can choose from the following type of spiritual services:
- Aura Cleansing: Remove the energies from others we pick up in our daily lives, allowing you to feel lighter and more yourself.
- Chakra Clearing: Clear out the negative energies that keep your chakras from blooming open.  
- Crystal Energy: Revitalize your energy with a crystal tune-up.   
Only $35.00 add-on fee to add any spiritual services to your facial treatment.

*Please note all spiritual & metaphysical services do not replace any medical treatments, services, or prescribed medication.  
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